The Alfresco SDK Parent POM 2.2.0 is the single entry point for all Alfresco SDK™ features. It aggregates plugin configurations and dependencies to provide a set of profiles and properties to manage the full Alfresco projects Lifecycle on Maven.

The current version of the POM in use in the Alfresco SDK™ 2.2.0 is available on Maven Central.


You can reference Alfresco SDK POM in your POM adding the following snippet:


This will reference the Alfresco SDK project as parent project, allowing you to inherit all SDK features. Full dependency information for other build systems can be found in the Dependency Info page.

Features are provided in terms of Maven profiles, and high configurability is provided with POM properties avaialble to sibling projects.

Examples / archetypes

To kickstart your SDK experience and to provide examples on how to use it, archetypes are available already using this POM. Check the menu item SDK Components for more samples.