The Maven Alfresco Plugin provides development features to manage Alfresco ECM WAR and AMP project lifecycles.

Goals Overview

The Maven Alfresco plugin has three goals:

  • alfresco:amp Packages an AMP file
  • alfresco:install Installs one or multiple AMPs into an Alfresco WAR / exploded WAR folder embedding Alfresco MMT
  • alfresco:version Parses ${project.version} removing literals (for AMP compatibility) and making the ${noSnapshotVersion} property available in the POM

Full information is available at the goals page.


General instructions on how to use the Maven Alfresco Plugin can be found on the usage page.

The Maven Alfresco Plugin provides support for amp packaging in your Maven projects and allows you to build AMPs as well as used them as standard Maven dependencies. You can also use AMPs as part of the standard maven-war-plugin <overlays> configuration.

For more complex usage of the Maven Alfresco Plugin check the advanced usage page.