The Alfresco Platform Distribution POM community 4.2.b provides a unified descriptor and dependency management for the Maven artifacts delivered with Alfresco community 4.2.b.

By using this project as a dependency with scope="import" in your project, you can centralize the dependency management on Alfresco artifacts and omit the version whenever you use Alfresco artifacts in your project.

For a list of the artifacts included in the Alfresco community 4.2.b distribution check the Dependency Management report.

For all the available versions of this POM check the Alfresco Artifacts Repository Search.


You can reference the Alfresco community 4.2.b Platform Distribution POM in your POM adding the following snippet:

          <!-- This will import the dependencyManagement for all artifacts in the selected Alfresco plaftorm
               NOTE: You still need to define dependencies in your POM, 
               but you can omit version as it's enforced by this dependencyManagement.

You might also need to add a reference to the Alfresco Artifacts Repository to be able to download the POM and the referenced artifacts.

For Alfresco Community you can use the snippet:


For Alfresco Enterprise please check Alfresco Artifacts Repository for instructions.

Examples / archetypes

Examples of usage of this POM can be found in the Maven Alfresco SDK™.