The Alfresco AMP Archetype is a sample fully featured project to manage AMP (Alfresco Module Package) projects. This archetype can be used both for Alfresco Repository and Alfresco Share AMPs.


Amongst other features, this archetype provides support for:

  • amp packaging support for your projects
  • AMP dependency management in Maven
  • Installation of AMPs in an Alfresco or Share WAR
  • AMP Unit Testing support. Just run the standard mvn test and see your src/test/java Alfresco unit tests run. An sample Unit Test is provided in this archetype.
  • Embedded run in Jetty and embedded H2 database for demo purposes, rapid application development and integration testing (NOTE: this is not a supported stack so use only for development purposes)

How to create a project:

You can create the latest release archetype with the following command:

mvn archetype:generate -DarchetypeCatalog= -Dfilter=org.alfresco.maven.archetype:

You should then:

  1. Select the alfresco-amp-archetype option
  2. Specify the groupId and artifactId for the project you want to create
  3. (Optionally) Select Alfresco Version / Edition (current default is: Alfresco Community 4.2.c)

You can find new Alfresco AMP project ready to go in the artifactId folder.


Instructions on how to use the Alfresco AMP archetype can be found on the usage page, while for more advanced use cases refer to the advanced usage page