See SDK Pre-Requisites to successfully run this archetype.

Project layout

The archetype generated multi-module project should look like:

    |-> amp
    |-> alfresco
    |-> share
    |-> solr
    |-> runner (a Jetty embedded runner / integration test runner)


The All-in-One Alfresco project is composed by the following modules:

  • amp: An Repository Tier AMP project, demonstrating sample project structure and demo component loading. It can be configured to work for Share
  • alfresco: An alfresco.war Repository Extension, overlaying the Alfresco WAR with custom resources / classes and depending on the amp project
  • share: A share.war extension, overlaying the Share WAR with custom resoruces / classes
  • solr: An Alfresco alfresco-*-* overlay / customization to configure Apache Solr cores properties
  • runner: A Tomcat + H2 runner, capable of running all the aforementioned projects in embedded mode for demo / integration-testing purposes


The project provides support for typical development lifecycle use cases like

  • AMP/WAR packaging
  • AMP Unit testing
  • run embedded in Tomcat + H2 database. (NOTE: this is not a supported stack so use only for development purposes)
  • Integration testing
  • AMP to WAR installation and overlay (embedding Alfresco Module Managment Tool)
  • release and distribution

for all the components of the Alfresco landscape. For more information, check the See the advanced usage page page.

NOTE: AMPs produced with this project are fully compatible with Alfresco MMT,in fact the Alfresco Maven plugin - used to manage AMPs in this SDK - embeds the official Alfresco MMT to install depended AMPs.


Commands from the root aggregator project

Common Alfresco project lifecycle commands you want to run from the aggregator :

  • mvn package: Runs unit tests and packages all customized modules in their respective ${}/${}.amp
  • mvn install: Like mvn package but also installs all modules in local Maven repository to be depended upon
  • mvn install -Dmaven.test.skip=true: Like mvn install but skips unit tests
  • mvn install -Prun: Like mvn install but also trigger the runner project to run Alfresco, Share and Solr in Tomcat (with H2 embedded database)
  • mvn install -Prun,rad: Like mvn install but also configures JUnit remote test running and JRebel support (requires appropriate MAVEN_OPTS)
  • mvn clean -Ppurge: Removes DB, alf_data and log files

Commands from from the runner project

  • mvn jetty:run -Prun' or 'mvn integration-test -Prun' to quickly run already packaged webapps