Alfresco SDK™ Pre-Requisites

The only real prerequisite of the Alfresco SDK™ Apache Maven 3.3.0 (or later) installed (and properly configured) on your machine; neither an IDE nor web container or database are required.

Additional tips:

  • It is strongly advised to use the latest Apache Maven official binary distributions downloaded from the official mirrors; avoid OS-specific distributions as much as possible.
  • Refer to this matrix for Alfresco/SDK version compatibility
  • Java 1.8 is required to run Alfresco 5.1.c+ and the SDK3
  • No manual downloading of Alfresco distribution is required. Alfresco platform is retrieved automatically from the Alfresco Artifacts Repository based on the alfresco.groupId and alfresco.version POM properties
  • If you're an Alfresco customer, you can setup a ~/.m2/settings.xml as documented on Alfresco Docs page and specify -Penterprise on your Maven build command to use the latest Alfresco Enterprise version

Enable hot class reload with spring-loaded

In order to enable hot class reload you should use the HotSwap Agent and run all your maven builds with it configured in the JVM. To achieve this you can: