Unit Testing

Unit test your AMP customization is as easy as adding your tests in src/test/java. The current module in development will be added to the test classpath together with all necessary Alfresco Spring contexts.

Running mvn test will results in your unit tests to be run. You can skip this (not recommended) adding -DskipTests to your command line.

Share AMP Archetype properties

In the AMP archetype (as in the whole Alfresco SDK™) properties are configurable at many levels:

  • as POM properties
  • direclty in *.properties, particularly
    • src/main/amp/module.properties (filtered and packaged in the AMP)

Common properties

Archetype behavior can mostly be controlled directly in the POM, via common properties provided by the parent POM. See SDK properties reference for details.

AMP specific properties

In addition to the common properties, the following properties are specific of the AMP archetype:

        Determines the coordinates of target WAR for this AMP
        Allowed values: alfresco (default) | share

Parent POM and behavior customization

To customize the behavior of your project, check out full set of the properties and plugin configurations defined in the single entry point parent POM.

One quick way to do that is to use the maven-help-plugin:effective-pom to analyze your POM at runtime.